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That’s the first sound I hear every morning when my alarm goes off at 3 AM.

My name is Shelly Miles.

By day, I am a traffic reporter and TV host for WOAI-TV, the NBC affiliate in San Antonio.

By night, a soccer mom and over-involved dance mom to my two daughters.

I also have a husband, a cat, and two adopted mutts.


I decided I wanted to be some sort of news person in High School. I grew up in Southern California and started speaking in front of big groups in 9th grade. From there, I went to college at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Az. I got a scholarship for speech and debate and spend 3 years of my college career traveling to different states competing with other college teams. When I wasn’t traveling, I worked for the University Television Station, called UTV (creative, isn’t it?). Our job was to produce a live news cast 4 nights a week.

I fell in love with the whole “Anchor Man” thing….except, I was the anchor woman. I learned how to be in front of the camera…but I also learned how to be behind it, directing, working the audio board, even editing and working cameras.

But I still wanted MORE. So I got a job at a local radio station. I worked the midnight to 6 AM shift for two horrible weeks. Someone saw “something” in me and promoted to the morning show! At 19 years old, I was the laughing side-kick for an older, more talented radio veteran. I lasted about 6 months there. After that I got my own afternoon gig on “Sunny 97.” I did that while finishing college.

I graduated from NAU in 1996 with a bachelors degree in broadcast journalism…but instead of going to work in TV, I continued my streak as a radio DJ.

I spent several years as a county DJ at a station in Flagstaff called 93 KAFF COUNTRY. When I met my husband Travis, we left Flagstaff to go to back to his home town, San Antonio Texas.

Since I came from a smaller market, it couldn’t walk into a 9-5 radio job. I managed to get some part time shifts at stations all over town. I worked at Magic 105.3, KONO 101, Y100, KISS, and KJ97. I even waited tables at a Mexican restaurant to help make ends meet! I didn’t get a full time job until I went to work for a company called Metro Traffic. I went in at 4 AM to do traffic for 5 different radio stations. I went home and hung out with my kids. Went back at 3:00 to do more traffic. Then home again to hang out with kids and make dinner for the family. My first day at Metro was the last day I would ever get 8 hours of sleep again!!


I started doing traffic at WOAI in 2001. I had always been a hard worker, but this is when I REALLY started working hard.

(NOTE TO FUTURE ASPIRING TV PEOPLE: READ THIS PART OVER AND OVER AGAIN) Yes, I loved working traffic in the morning show….but I knew that this was my chance to do what I had wanted to do since high school. I begged my news director to let me report. He said no. I asked him again a week later. He said no. I asked over and over and over again until he finally said yes! And that’s where the hard work began. I worked 7 days a week so I could report on the weekends. Traffic during the week…death and destruction during the weekend. It’s was awful, but I showed my boss that I would do it. They gave me a regular shift, and I began reporting Monday – Friday after the morning news was done.

When I got tired of reporting on death and destruction, I turned my attention to San Antonio Living. A life style show at WOAI.

By now, you should know the process…I asked if I could report for the show. The answer was no. I asked again…no. Finally, I got a yes.

After being a reporter for San Antonio Living for several years, I took over as the sole host in 2008. I still do traffic in the morning for the news, and when I finish that, I head back to my desk to prepare for the show. Over the last two years, I have had the pleasure of interviewing stars and celebrities, local and national authors, and chefs from here in San Antonio as well as around the globe.

I have heard inspiring stories from children and parents and I have had the chance to work with many great charities and organizations. I got to be in a rodeo, I swam with beluga whales and I once rolled down the street in a huge plastic ball. I love my job and I am very lucky to be where I am today.


After work I start my other job: MOM

My two daughters think I am crazy…but they flatter me by coming to all my crazy events and supporting me. They are both AMAZING dancers….and that’s why I am a major dance mom.

On weekends, we travel to competitions in Dallas and Houston and I take them to lessons 4 times a week. My younger daughter also loves soccer, so part of the year I am a soccer mom as well. My husband, Travis has become a Mr. Mom of sorts. Because of my wacky schedule he has been the one to get the kids ready each morning. He’s a hair dresser, fashion stylist and short order cook before he heads out to be the breadwinner of the family.

My day ends when it ends, and usually starts up again before it truly ended. It’s a very full life, that I am lucky to be a part of.

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About Shelly Miles

Shelly Miles is the host of San Antonio Living and traffic reporter for News 4 TODAY.

Shelly is deeply involved in the San Antonio community. She has been honored by many non-profit organizations for her contributions, and was named Fiesta Queen of the Vine by the Brighton School.

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About Shelly Miles